My golf goals for 2018

I started playing golf in 2017 and it has been going great so far. I’ve made a lot of friends on the course, and can’t wait to make more friends once i’m back on the course in April. Where i live, in New Jersey, winters are pretty cold, so i decided to take a break from golfing and wait out colder months of autumn and winter. I haven’t played for about 3 months now, and i’m starting to really miss it a lot. My golf buddies said this would happen, but i thought they were exaggerating, until now. I’ve started playing in April of 2017, and even though i had a rough start, everything turned out perfect in few months. By rough start, i mean the learning curve. It is usually hard for me to learn new sports. Especially coming from baseball, two games are really different and it took some time to adapt to new sport.

 Anyway, now that we’ve covered my last year, i want to dedicate this post to upcoming new year – 2018. In this year, i plan to finally upgrade my starter golf clubs, which were nice when i was a beginner, but i’ve outgrown them since and definitely need newer clubs to keep up with my friends. With any luck, money that i have saved up will be enough to collect complete set of clubs that i like. I’ve seen many releases this year, and golf clubs just seem ten times better than my current ones. Although, to be  fair, they cost ten times more as well. I will probably give away my old club set to someone in need. Maybe i’ll lure my friend to come to golf course with me and get him hooked on golf just like i was.

 I also want to get my wife more excited about playing golf. It’s not that she’s complaining about the time i spend on golf course, but i still want her to get involved and see how awesome golf can be. Right now she doesn’t understand the rules of it, and seems bored by it whenever i watch golf games on TV. I plan to change that, in fact, i’m getting her solaire golf gems for her birthday, which is slowly approaching already.

 Same goes for my little daughter. The only difference is that i don’t have much money left for her golf equipment right now, so her involvement in golf will have to wait until latter part of following year. I genuinely hope she likes golf though, but even if she doesn’t, i’m not going to stress over it or force her to play sport that she doesn’t like. But i promise, i’ll try to do my best to make golf exciting for her.

Golfer’s tutorial to joining and socializing in golf clubs

If you’re a golfer who plays and practices a lot, it might be good idea to consider joining a club. It will benefit both your pocket and social life, as joining the right club can be a lot of fun. In my opinion, the most important thing you need to get right is the choice of club. There are so many clubs in where i live, and i had to search a lot before i could find the one with members who are similar to me, both in mentality and social status. So i took the leap of faith and joined this one club, about ten months ago. And i have to say, my expectations were very different from what golf club actually turned out to be. I thought i’d be playing golf and practicing a lot, but once i joined, i was pleasantly surprised.  Here are the reasons why:

  First of all, i have to talk about people. One of the best things about choosing good golf club is that you get to hang around like-minded people and bond over your favorite sport. It might seem insignificant to some people, but to me, that was the best thing that i could ever expect.  I am in my late twenties, so i thought i’d join the club with lower average age, and i made the right choice. Some of my friends joined with me, so i wasn’t alone, but everyone was still so nice to our group that i made ton of friends quickly, anyway. Even the older guys were inviting and we would frequently drink together after game. I’m natural introvert, so i never had experience of making friends so easily before. But, i guess, love of golf can bring people together more than anything else. We’ve expanded our group with some guys, who were arguably much better golfers than us, and played golf together a lot, so my golf game has improved as well. It might also have something to do with my new clubs, which are great.  Overall, i couldn’t be more happier with this choice.

Now let’s get to actual tips. My first, and most notable advice would be to put a lot of effort into socializing with other guys. After you’re done golfing, don’t head home straight away. If people invite you to come over for drinks after the game, have a good time with them and leave quickly if you are in rush. Trust me, it will go a long way. Plus, if most guys happen to be married, there will be social events that you can attend with your wife. So that’s pretty cool perk to get even closer with guys.

The last tip would be to pick the right course. I can’t stress this enough. It’s not only people either. Make sure to check yelp reviews and stuff like that online, just to make sure you don’t end up with a club that is disorganized and dirty. Even if people are great, that’s not enough to offset the cost of bad maintenance problems on the golf course. At least that’s how it is for me.

Breaking down golf expenses – what’s the most expensive?

This year is coming to an end, and i consider myself frugal person, so i decided to sit down and calculate how much money exactly i spend on my hobbies. I calculated other expenses as well, but for simplicity, i’ll stick to golf in particular in this one. And it’s not like i have a lot of hobbies anyway. Golf and occasional gaming are probably the only two things i do for fun. But no hobby is nearly as expensive as golf, so i want to dedicate this post to exploring my golf expenses in past year.

I started to play golf in late spring, and decided to get new club set. I didn’t have the nerve to collect perfect club one by one, so i bought Adams Speedline golf club set, which is nice, but not over the top with quality. I’m not a professional golfer and it was good enough for me. As far as i remember, i spent around six hundred bucks on that. I also didn’t like the design of the bag, so i had to buy a replacement, and landed on Adams bag from Amazon, which cost me another hundred. So we’re already at seven hundred dollars, and i haven’t even got to tee expenses and other minor stuff. Although i have to say, that seven hundred bucks spent for this club set were totally worth it. Other nice senior’s club sets cost the same, and if any senior player like myself is reading this, i have to say – good golf club set is totally worth the money. I won’t be replacing it at least two more years, so the total investment for this year alone comes down to about two hundred. That’s about twenty per month, less than i spend on my cable bill. This is why i think good clubs are worth every cent.

 Next, we have tee times and minor costs like golf balls and walking shoes. Tee times are pretty major cost, because i play almost every day. But, to my defence, i’ve been playing early in the morning for much cheaper than average price, so that has helped me offset the cost of frequent visits. Overall, i’ve spent about two to three thousand dollars this year on tee times alone. When i say it out loud now, it sounds ridiculous, but when you’re paying it in small portions frequently, it doesn’t seem as expensive.

 And the last, but not least – i’m planning to give very nice women’s club set to my wife as a gift for New Year’s eve. And i spent another thousand dollars on that. I don’t believe in frugality on christmas – i am frugal all year so i can enjoy this period of time with my family. So i see nothing wrong with such an expensive gift. I’ve wanted to get her excited about golf for few years already, and this will be a good opportunity, i think.

How do you develop immune system in modern world?

The ideal foods can keep you from getting sick and allow you to recover faster if you do fall sick.

You got sneezed on in the subway. Coughed on in the coffee store. Your coworkers keep coming to work when they need to be phoning in sick. And your kids are bringing home illnesses you never even heard of. How the heck are you supposed to stay healthier?

It might look like seasonal illness is out of your hands. And, yeah, sometimes, sick occurs. But you have more power than you might imagine.

Here’s how the immune system functions: Our body’s struggle for immunity starts in the moutharea. Bet you did not know that your saliva comprises strong antimicrobials such as lysozyme, alpha-amylase and lactoferrin.

Any germs which creep beyond those will face our stomach’s hydrochloric acid.

Then, should they survive, they will go up against the proteins and chemical compounds in our digestive tract which break down bad bacteria.

Finally, our own private good bacterial population goes to do the job. They prevent bad germs from entering our bloodstream or taking root in our small intestine and colon. Think of them as an army against illness.

The GI tract contains over 70 percent of their immune system. That is home to our great gut bacteria, that fight off a great deal of yucky stuff.

If you want those germs to function for you, you’ve got to feed ’em. They love to chow down on nutrient-dense, fiber-rich complete foods. But processed foods, sugars and fats? Not too much. That’s why a balanced whole-foods diet is your very best insurance against all kinds of viruses and viruses.

You can even take a probiotic supplement to provide your healthy gut bacteria an additional helping hand — only check with your physician first. Eating lots of prebiotics and probiotics will help you fight off viruses and bacterial diseases. But even the healthiest diet can’t protect you from every invader. Sometimes we just get sick.