Breaking down golf expenses – what’s the most expensive?

This year is coming to an end, and i consider myself frugal person, so i decided to sit down and calculate how much money exactly i spend on my hobbies. I calculated other expenses as well, but for simplicity, i’ll stick to golf in particular in this one. And it’s not like i have a lot of hobbies anyway. Golf and occasional gaming are probably the only two things i do for fun. But no hobby is nearly as expensive as golf, so i want to dedicate this post to exploring my golf expenses in past year.

I started to play golf in late spring, and decided to get new club set. I didn’t have the nerve to collect perfect club one by one, so i bought Adams Speedline golf club set, which is nice, but not over the top with quality. I’m not a professional golfer and it was good enough for me. As far as i remember, i spent around six hundred bucks on that. I also didn’t like the design of the bag, so i had to buy a replacement, and landed on Adams bag from Amazon, which cost me another hundred. So we’re already at seven hundred dollars, and i haven’t even got to tee expenses and other minor stuff. Although i have to say, that seven hundred bucks spent for this club set were totally worth it. Other nice senior’s club sets cost the same, and if any senior player like myself is reading this, i have to say – good golf club set is totally worth the money. I won’t be replacing it at least two more years, so the total investment for this year alone comes down to about two hundred. That’s about twenty per month, less than i spend on my cable bill. This is why i think good clubs are worth every cent.

 Next, we have tee times and minor costs like golf balls and walking shoes. Tee times are pretty major cost, because i play almost every day. But, to my defence, i’ve been playing early in the morning for much cheaper than average price, so that has helped me offset the cost of frequent visits. Overall, i’ve spent about two to three thousand dollars this year on tee times alone. When i say it out loud now, it sounds ridiculous, but when you’re paying it in small portions frequently, it doesn’t seem as expensive.

 And the last, but not least – i’m planning to give very nice women’s club set to my wife as a gift for New Year’s eve. And i spent another thousand dollars on that. I don’t believe in frugality on christmas – i am frugal all year so i can enjoy this period of time with my family. So i see nothing wrong with such an expensive gift. I’ve wanted to get her excited about golf for few years already, and this will be a good opportunity, i think.

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